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! WiKiss installation !! Requirements The only requirement for ''WiKiss'' (in addition to a web server) is [PHP5]. For proper management of UTF-8 coding, it is recommended that the module [mbstring|] be built with php. !! Download You can download: * A [stable version|] (recommended) * [Development|] version Then uncompress the file to a temporary directory. !! Configuration Just edit ''_config.php'' and change the values at your convenience. See [Configuration] for more details. '''Remember to change the default password which is ''test''''' !! Installation Copy all the files on your web server for instance with a ftp client. Depending on the configuration of your provider, the access rights may not be correct. To correct this do a ''chmod 775'' on all files and directories. !! Et voila ! Now you can [use|?Page=Utilisation] your ''WiKiss''. ! Migration from WiKiss !! 0.2.1 --> 0.3 # '''Save''' your pages, your historic and your ''_config.php'' # Copy the file ''index.php'' to your wiki # If you have changed your template, a new tag may be required: '''RSS''', even [decorations|?Page=Configuration] can be added around certain tags # Else just copy files ''style.css'' and ''template.html'' # Finally copy the new directory named ''plugins'' and its content # No change from your previous ''_config.php'' is needed '''Note:''' anchors format on titles has changed. So you might need to modify ones done by hand (tables of contents are not concerned) !! Generic Procedure Before anything else, '''save''' your pages, your historic and your ''_config.php''. If you update from an earlier version of ''WiKiss'' you have two options: Simply copy all files in the old installation. But '''attention''' you will lose pages ''Home'', ''Help'', your configuration (''_config.php'') as well as any customizations to your template. You can then retrieve them via your historic and your backup. This method is not recommended. To update with a better granularity, follow these steps: # '''Save''' your pages, your historic and your ''_config.php'' # Copy the file ''index.php'' to your wiki # If you do not have customized your template, also copy ''style.css'' and ''template.html'' # If necessary (see [Changelog]) add new parameters needed in ''_config.php'' ! Migration from TigerWiki Several inconsistencies are present between TigerWiki 2.2x and WiKiss 0.2: * The content is now full UTF-8 * The names of the pages are now UTF-8 * Titles syntax has changed (! Is now h1 instead of h3) An automatic conversion tool is here to help you. Here is the procedure: # '''Save''' your pages and historic : copy to a secure place the directories ''pages/'' and ''historique/'' # '''Save''' your configuration file: ''_config.php'' # Install WiKiss by following the above procedure # Include your pages, your history in your new facility # Include your variables from your configuration file (PASSWORD, LANG, LOCAL_HOUR, PAGES_DIR, BACKUP_DIR) # Display the conversion tool by going to For a list of all your pages as well as their current encoding displays # Click ''Do It!'' # You can also crush your old file ''Aide.txt'' with one provided by WiKiss, it contains details of the new syntax # You can now delete the file ''tigerwiki2wikiss.php'' %TOC%