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Here is a summary of all the formatting rules in WiKiss. Click "Edit" on top or bottom of this page to see how it works. (if you see "Page Locked", do a chmod 775 on this file via a ftp client)

See also AideTables to create tables.

Tiles use the exclamation mark !
! Big
!! Less big
!!! Smaller
gives you :


Less big


To automatically add a table of contents in a page, add the %TOC% mark in it :
  • at the last line to be clearer, there is no influence on position ;
  • at the first line if you need to write %TOC% in your page. Only the first occurrence will be replaced.

Styles use the single quote '
  • '''Bold''' → Bold
  • ''italic'' → italic
  • '''''Bold and italic''''' → Bold and italic

Stroke of a work use quote and two dashes
'--Stroked--' → Stroked

the same applies for underline, quote followed by by two underscore
'__Underlined__' → Underlined

The ordered lists use sharp #
  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

Non ordered lists use the star *
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Peach

The code, and all of those things where formatting is important, use the braces
{{import sys
if len(sys.argv) == 2:
            print "Hello",sys.argv[1]}}
give :
import sys
if len(sys.argv) == 2:
   print "Hello",sys.argv[1]

The separation between paragraphs of text is done through an empty line. To force a line break in the middle of a paragraph, use: %%
Some special characters are recognized:
  • Arrows : <-- : ←, --> : →, <--> : ↔
  • Copyrights : (c) or (C) : ©, (r) or (R) : ®

Links to wiki-pages use square brackets : [Accueil]Accueil

If a page does not exists, it will be created on first click. Click on "SandBox" below and you will be able to create it ...

To link a wiki-page with a different text use : [Beginning|?page=Accueil]Beginning

The external links and addresses eMail are automagically recognized ... or through a text between square brackets : with a ? you get a Wikipedia link in the current language :
Images are automagically inserted with the picture URL between square brackets

You can also use an image as a link :

But also position the image on a floating left or right:


... to insert lines, simply use four dashes : ----
Finally, in order to neutralize the syntax WiKiss, use the caret
Thus, enter ^[WiKiss] can display [WiKiss] rather than WiKiss
Try it, you'll see, it's very simple.