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Welcome ...

... to your wiki

Thanks for choosing WiKiss. Feel free to browse the default installation, until you feel comfortable.


Remember, all information on WiKiss are located on the site See in particular:

You can also get help via the mailing list

To test edition and formatting of WiKiss, just click on "Edit" on top of this screen to access (and modify) this page. You can also create and test via the SandBox page.

Go see the Help and AideTables for an overview of all the possibilities. You can always return to this page by clicking on "Home"


Beware, this is a beta version. It's inadvisable for production.

This 0.4beta1 version of WiKiss brings you some new functionalities :
  • internationalization mechanism for WiKiss and a simple multilanguage plugin (doc) ;
  • a Menu plugin to display a common menu on every wiki pages (doc) ;
  • a plugin to display configuration (plugins and locales) (doc) ;
  • an upload plugin. Allows you to easily upload files or pictures (doc) ;
  • a lot of bug fixes.
See the complete Changelog for more details.

Helping WiKiss

You can help the WiKiss development in several ways: Have fun !